Saturday, January 29, 2011


In Chelsea is an exciting exhibition featuring painted facsimiles of large playing cards, oil on aluminum, that have been  collected by the artist Keith Tyson and spans a history of 200 years.

It was fascinating to see the large hand made reproductions of actual playing cards used, and seldom noticed by the card players, who are usually concerned with the card game that is taking place.  At the Pace Gallery, they are offering a deck of reproductions of these art cards in the exhibition for the low cost of  $15 for a souvenir.  I doubt if they will have any other value in the art world.. .but who knows? 

Friday, January 28, 2011

Witness Judy Pfaff's 'Five Decades


Judy Pfaff, an unconventional artist who was a recipient of the prestigious MacArthur Fellowship, has a current exhibition at the Ameringer-McEnery-Yohe Gallery, appropriately titled 'Five Decades.'
Neither a painter nor sculptor, but an inclusive artist who uses materials and processes associated with both. An artist whose work has ranged from temporary site-specific installations to large expansive pieces that are permanently attached to a wall. Instead, she is an artist whose work slips in and out of every category, making such distinctions irrelevant.
It is a joy to discover the range of materials and cohesiveness of this work while perusing this small retrospective. Judy Pfaff's 'Five Decades' closes October 16.
The Ameringer-McEnery-Yohe Gallery is located at 525 West 22nd Street, near 10th Avenue.